New Boardwalk Design

Yup, new Boardwalk design and it’s much more brighter than ever! Here’s the pictures:

Boardwalk Boardwalk2 Boardwalk3
Old boardwalk:

old boardwalkold boardwalk2

What do you think? I think it’s quite amazing! (Also another note, A new verison of Frost Box 2009 is coming out on 18th March!)


New Elevated Design Clothing

Well speaking of which with rings, engagements, marriages and blah blah. We’ll have wedding clothes… Yay…. Um… Yea… Heres few of the pictures for girls. There will be boys. I know you boys would look hansom in those clothing ;)

fates forever florence evening margeaux pearlescence

These will be leased on 18th March 1st April along with the engagement rings… Bleh… I mean… yay!….. *Cough*

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