New Elevated Design Clothing

Well speaking of which with rings, engagements, marriages and blah blah. We’ll have wedding clothes… Yay…. Um… Yea… Heres few of the pictures for girls. There will be boys. I know you boys would look hansom in those clothing ;)

fates forever florence evening margeaux pearlescence

These will be leased on 18th March 1st April along with the engagement rings… Bleh… I mean… yay!….. *Cough*

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New Profile

Since ourWorld has updated. There was a change from the profiles, but did you know the private profile? well actually it’s all private now!

Take a look here:

You can not see what their wearing. But if you clicked on the clothing button which looks like this:

You will actually see what’s on them but you can’t see the character wearing them.

I am not sure if ourWorld gonna fix that or going to leave it like that.