ourWorld: Summer 2014 Pets

Ah, just when you thought they would stop making more Summer items. This time, familiars~

Fairfax The Funny Bird


Soren The Sneeze Weed


Floriane The Flapper Bird


Fenmore The Fancy Bird Birdy3

 Sully The Sunflower FlowahWhat do you think of these cute little things? (:

March Monthly Items 2014

Hi again! The March items are here, and I have to say they’re pretty awesome.

Box: UN Box 04

Male items:

M Hat 04 M Jacket 04 M Pants 04

 Female items:

F Hairdec 04F Dress 04 F Shoes 04


UN Pixi 04

So, how are March’s monthly items? Are they better than the February items in your opinion?