Gem Codes : 29th Dec 2014 – 5th Jan 2015

Hey people as the new year is just – that close … They decided finally to give us all gem codes (complete) here they are : (enjoy spending them on great ourWorld stuff :P)



Monthly (December):

P.S. the monthly code can be used only once, use it before the end of the month and the year (use it or lose it) , the toolbar code can only be used when you have the ourWorld toolbar installed and visible , the Facebook code can be used when you are connected to Facebook only.

Good Luck :-) Visit us frequently for more news and updates

thanks for CODES: Meet Friendly, lisaaaaaaa, Wedday, Rawr x3, II CharIie II, Kirei, frannen

Gem Codes: 5th – 12th May

Here are the gem code(s) for this week! only Facebook at the moment. If you know Toolbar, comment and I will credit your name!


N/A (May come somewhere in this week or next week!)


Thanks acyow, l ForeverAlone l, Alex Ow, HapPy Gogo, Le Chepotamelon & Gabi for Toolbar :)

Gem Codes: 3rd – 9th March

Hey, codes are in today!  Well er.. I mean code is here, that code is the Facebook gem code.  Another code has arrived, HORRAY! That’s two this week, 10 more and we’re off to a good start haha, enjoy the free gems!

Facebook: 16F4-20AD-B214-882B

Toolbar: 074B-821F-B1A1-EC66

Monthly: N/A (March)

Thanks to Fox52711, Roberta Dapkute , and Shadow for the toolbar code!

Gem Codes 5th – 12th August

IT’S MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY. OK, never mind it’s Tuesday. ourWorld likes giving code(s) every Tuesdays. -.- (Monday for their time)



Monthly (August):EB57-A836-DF33-459A
Thanks to i Ellectra i!

Can’t you believe it? only Facebook today. If you know this week’s Toolbar, you may comment below and I will add/credit your name in this post! :3

Time for a random video. Every random video will be posted every week with gems code. BUT WARNING: it may be disturbing to some people.

Gem Codes: 29th July – 5th August

Woo! Gem codes! But… No facebook code yet! Time to rage… But don’t worry it will come soon… I hope…  It’s found. No more raging! But, I will keep this picture and video for you anyways. >:)



Monthly: (July) < Expired.

Now after your raging. Let’s watch this awesome video! (Warning: Has nothing to do about gems. It’s all about Crabs. Also you don’t have to watch it. It may be disturbing as well.)  It’s replaced with badger song. If you would like to see the Crabs video, click this. But as stated above. ^