Gem Codes August 4th-August 11th




Thank you Umer, Khate Yumi, & Gwen014 for Facebook!

Thank you Scarecrow for Monthly.

Monthly comes out 2nd or 3rd of the week.

If you know the Toolbar code, we will credit your name on this post!

Gem Codes: July 28th- August 4th


Monthly: (July’s if you have not used it yet)


Thank you Zatsune MIku and Umer for Facebook!

If you know a valid Toolbar code for this week, we will credit your name in this post!

Gem Codes: 3rd – 9th March

Hey, codes are in today!  Well er.. I mean code is here, that code is the Facebook gem code.  Another code has arrived, HORRAY! That’s two this week, 10 more and we’re off to a good start haha, enjoy the free gems!

Facebook: 16F4-20AD-B214-882B

Toolbar: 074B-821F-B1A1-EC66

Monthly: N/A (March)

Thanks to Fox52711, Roberta Dapkute , and Shadow for the toolbar code!

Gem codes: 28th Oct – 4th Nov

Hey. I am tired right now and don’t feel like posting.  Editing is done  is by Secret.

Toolbar: N/A (Still haven’t got the code yet. Refreshed toolbar daily, still nothing new. Sorry!)

Facebook: 0E08-BECB-B6C0-37CF (Thanks Khate_Yumi)

Monthly: FA26-8B88-065C-8E5C 

Use the codes before they expire!


Cupid Heart Mystery Box

In the next update (Feb 4th) ourWorld will be releasing Cupid Heart Mystery Box! Take a look below:

Feb Box

Hearts A Flutter Iron Heart Love Light

Cupid's Love

Love Seraphim

Love Shower

Love Sick

What do you think about the items? Also, this may contain an Aura. We’ll have to wait and see!

Credit goes to “Local ourWorld News”

Other Feb 4th updates:

Ultiimate Winter Items Results