Gem Codes: 25th Nov – 2nd December

Still waiting for rest of the codes!


Not available

Not available

I’m awfully sorry for not updating the blog as much. I been so busy and distracted from another game which is quite addicting.

So I will need some new bloggers~! Doesn’t matter what level you are, just need someone who is good at knowing when is the next updates or gem codes. All you need is a WordPress account. If you do have a WordPress account, please tell me your User name (Not public one) and I shall add you to the Contributor list.

December Monthly Items

While the weather gets colder, you can get warmer with your premium animal fur! Only $999.99 ;)

But seriously, here are Decembers monthly items. Enjoy!

Gloves dec

f decm dec

Hammer time!

I’m missing the hammer, but until I can find it you can see these ^^

And don’t forget to keep looking for more Winter event items!

Opening Mystery Box Animation

Another cool update! opening mystery box animation. You probably thinking “What is that?”

Well here’s is some previews! (Sorry for 2 gif images. Couldn’t fit the whole thing and having problems showing the picture on wordpress. So you will have to click it instead.)


If can’t see image: Click here for first gif


If can’t see image: Click here for second gif.


Frost Mystery Box 2013

Wow! 2013 Frost Box coming soon already! Feels like time goes by so fast.

The box comes out on November.11.2013 ^^

Frost box



5 6 7 82

 Here you go! Pixi 1-2

I know of an Aura and a Pet too, but since I’m confused on how to find em’  you’ll just have to tell me what you guys think of these items so far. ^^

Thank you Secret for telling me how to find em’

A little edit from Secret, since the log in screen isn’t much of a big deal being a separate post.


Gem codes: 28th Oct – 4th Nov

Hey. I am tired right now and don’t feel like posting.  Editing is done  is by Secret.

Toolbar: N/A (Still haven’t got the code yet. Refreshed toolbar daily, still nothing new. Sorry!)

Facebook: 0E08-BECB-B6C0-37CF (Thanks Khate_Yumi)

Monthly: FA26-8B88-065C-8E5C 

Use the codes before they expire!


Gem Codes: 21st – 28th October

Yet another week for more gems~

October Monthly Gem Code: 3463-2927-472E-A7B4 (Can only be used once because it is monthly.)

Facebook Gem Code: FF48-F3B8-D06E-572E(Thank you Mrs Dummy)

Toolbar Gem Code: D975-3065-D5F9-7AB8

And here’s a funny video clip for you to laugh at. Because I feel like it. Eh~

Fright Box 2009 (Light)

Hey, you know my last post about the Fright box 2009? Well, it’s actually coming true~ See here for my last post about it But it has more items than the older mystery box! Take a peek here: (MORE TO ADD SOON. JUST THOUGHT TO POST NOW!)

Cost: 60 gems per mystery box.
Coming out: 28th October
End: 10th November

Fright Box



Black DrippingWhiteCrows wing

halo hat hat2 hat3

The outfits:

Fright2009 Fright20092