Gem Codes: 10th – 17th November

.. No monthly yet… Let’s play a song just for the little Narwhal that is in stores now…




thanks for FACEBOOK: saifsaiofa, Rawr x3, Charlie_Valencia, Meram Jo

thanks for TOOLBAR: Charlie_ValenciaMeram Jo

Gem Codes: March 10 – March 17

Hey people! ourWorld gave us two new codes for this week. I hope this would help I got 2 gem codes for now. Well here they are:

Facebook Gem Code:


Toolbar Gem Code:


March Monthly Gem Code:


Remember to be logged in to Facebook before using the Facebook code and to have the ourWorld toolbar installed and visible before using the toolbar code and to use the Monthly code before 31st of March .


Gem Codes: 10th – 17th Feb

Woops sorry! This was supposed to be posted yesterday and it was in draft and I thought I posted it. My bad, my bad….

Facebook: 6ED7-6DC0-6E8A-0983

Toolbar: 6F85-D24E-D944-06FC (Thanks FrinTheHuman and Secret! :D)

Monthly: 627B-D13A-744D-D0DD (Jan one was putted by mistake)

Rainbow Box: Clothing On Characters

You saw all the lovely items from the box right? No? Click here then for the magical rainbow items post!

So anyways, here what it looks like on GIRLS characters. Sorry there is no boys!

raisecret raiact raipaw

And also the log in screen picture:

log in screen

So what do you think? <3

60 Gems per mystery box
Coming out on 10th June~

ourWorld Update: Chat Room Event

HEYA! this is Act posting once again. hur hur hur. So! on 10th December ourWorld will be adding a new feature called Chat Room! it’s like a event but it’s a discussion. Maybe this would be good for trading events, no? here’s a preview of it:


Once the time is up, you get to choose which room to go in. (Well, its only one room.)


(Click pictures to see full size)

chat room2

chat room3

What do you think of ourWorlds update? I find it pretty cool.

Don’t forget to vote for pie, not chicken wings! >:D<