More Games

Here’s a list of games that we’re also on (Act, Secret, Choco Alfie, Careful and etc) (Does include downloaded games, buying games and online games)

Rainbow Saga (Online game. No download.)
Server: 1 Troonmill

Name:Homura(Secret) Name: KittyRyan (Choco Alfie)


Ameba Pigg (Online game. No download. For my Translated blog. Since it’s in Japanese.) Name:Secretstarr(Secret) Name: Chantel101


Grief Syndrome Online (Download game. Click here to how to set it up or look at pictures)


Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Online game. No download. Click here of how to sign up. Since it’s in Japanese.) Name: SecretDreams(Secret) Name: Courttas(Act)  Name: Chantel101(RinAndLen02)


Vegasworld. (Online game. No download)   Name: Seek Name: Act


Fantage (Online game. No download) Name:princess13251(Secret) Name: tacomel(Careful)


Quake 3/Team Arena (Buy game) Name doesn’t matter. Only Server.


StarDoll (Online game. No download) Name: princessslash


There are plenty more, but the ones I listed are the ones I sometimes/always go on. The ones I didn’t, are the ones I hardly go on.

38 thoughts on “More Games

  1. Do any of you guys remember a similar world ourworld made where you fight eachother and kinda pvp like? it came out around 2011 i think.

  2. Good day. I’m playing cool2play mythic saga (Rise of the Kings). I don’t want to watse money just to buy some items . Its just fun to play this game. Can you help me how to get items without spending money. Thank you

  3. Hey secret i play ourworld and i play fantage too in our world my names ThorTheAsgardian pls add me

  4. I used to play vantage and stardoll if u wanna see ma acc on stardoll: RedRihanna5677 and Fantage i think its rihannaforty1 IDK tht one

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