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  • Chat to other forum members on the main forum page.
  • Post stories or outfits in Talk About Everything
  • Post your drawings in Gallery or Drawing/Arts to show to everyone!
  • Comment on peoples profiles
  • Send private messages
  • Get a special rank
  • Earn Points by commenting and posting
  • Play forum games with other members or make one!
  • Host a contest or join a contest to win a prize on ourWorld!
  • A discussion topic about ourWorld or the forums!
  • A help topic, create a thread and members will answer your question
  • And lot more!

55 thoughts on “Forum

  1. Hello! Since yesterday i can’t enter ourworld. First, i could enter my email and pass, on the screen appeard the loading line but nothing more. Then, i refreshed and entered my email and pass again. This time an shell (something with shell i don’t remeber its full name now) error appeard on screen, again and again and again. Findally, i refreshed the page but i’ve got an error again: google chrome tells me that the site can’t be reached and ‘connection has been reseted’ or ‘ has responded too late’. What should I do? Help, please!

      • I’ve tried restarting my computer, clearing my history and cache, changed LAN and firewall settings, turn off and on my internet, entering ow with diffrent browsers (chrome, explorer, mozilla), but the ‘ourworld has responded too late’ error keeps appearing everywhere. Thanks for the site, i’ve sent a request there too.

  2. i am trading fire blaze hair (long), daylight glen guard ponytail hair and mutch more!!! check my bb and msg me if you like anything!!! i am Alex270
    i’m NOT a rez

    • I checked the data base with the email address you used on here and on forum. All I could find the username to match it is “haunted memory” and their join date was “2014 April 18th”. If you don’t remember using that username at sign up, I can remove that email and ban.
      But 2014 April 18th is the same time when you commented, so I highly don’t think someone used your email

  3. Trading sasha hair, sugar skull face tattoo and sweetheart dress. As I said before, I have never been res or zoes. Soo I just need to get good items that’s all. My username is tasha59

  4. Who wants red boxing gloves cuz I’m getting rid of it.I really want rare stuff or Super rare if u want to trade with me comment me cuz I can’t message people they have to be my friends my name is Awsome girl ever

  5. I’m looking for someone willing to trade an “Ultimate Summer Hair”. Please contact me on OW ‘8D Karli 8D’ I really want that hair, but don’t have much to trade for it… I’m a level 24. If anyone has that hair and would like to talk about trading, friend me and send me a message. Thanks (:

  6. I really need to get rid of the long fire hair, I have no market place though. will trade for almost anything. find me ; sammimayfire

  7. Hi Secret and crew..
    I would like to join/help u if it’s okay…
    By helping… i mean like.. i can help posting the cheats or anything….
    But if u don’t want to… it’s ok :)
    My Ourworld acc : Layna Buzz

  8. I am looking for the long messenger hair and I will trade the short one for it and some other things so, if you are willing to trade that hair and you have it then Please message me, my OW name is Chideya.
    Ty c:

    • I have it i do not want the short version but do you have anything good? To trade for it i am not a res so i would have to trade it on your acct

    • It’s very hard to get Genie now, but I do not think it’s impossible. You need to do a level 3 song I believe (Not 100% sure.). Once again, it’s pretty hard. I’ve noticed that the songs are shorter and barely give you the chance to actually reach the part where you get the dance move. But try the level 3 songs. I suggest to do all of them and see which is the one you do best at and get the most points and whatnot. That’ll be your first goal. :’)

      • Not even close. She get’s them from Playtest, which is another Server from the Live ourWorld that we are on.

      • How are y’all special, like you can do all this stuff, I’m just curious cus all these people have all this stuff and access all these things and it’s like y’all are in some secret world that we(tourists and lower lvls like 60 70) don’t know about.

  9. …Quote
    #Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.
    #We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.

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