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Gem Codes: 5th – 12th May

Here are the gem code(s) for this week! only Facebook at the moment. If you know Toolbar, comment and I will credit your name!


N/A (May come somewhere in this week or next week!)


Thanks acyow, l ForeverAlone l, Alex Ow, HapPy Gogo, Le Chepotamelon & Gabi for Toolbar :)

Gem Codes: 24th – 31st March

Yes. I hope you prepared your self earlier. A flood of new post about Updates and such. PREPARE FOR THIS ONE! Muahahaha.a.ha… Trust me, this is the last post for today…. If it isn’t, blame Secret because she owns this….No I’m joking! xD
Anyway you want codes don’t cha? here dem are!

E9E4-2E81-7CF9-89FA (Finally!)


7998-A768-5CBE-C55A (Still the March one. The new one will come out in 1 week or 2 in the new month)

Thank you Little Pharaoh, lForever alonel, Lindsay, arooba & Mohid for Facebook code!

Summer 2013 items (Male)

Hello >:O .Um so I brought you guys some of the male items which didn’t come out yet in stores ^^ Anyway here are them …

Unknown Shirt,Jacket,Shorts and Shoes names.

Unknown Pants and Shirt names.

Unknown Shirt,Hat,Shorts,Belt and Sunglasses names.

Unknown Jacket,Shirt and Shorts names.

Unknown Short,Shirt,Jacket,Hat,Shoes and Sunglasses names

Unknown Short,Shirt,Jacket,Hat,Shoes and Sunglasses names.

Unknown Hat,Bodysuit and shoes names.

So what do you think? Would you be buying any? :D
Comment and tell us below ^^

Click for female items!

August 2013 Monthly Items

Hello everyone!, Here’s August Monthly items. The Alien set >:O.. But the set’s name isn’t released yet so take a look ^^




Female’s Jacket:

Female’s bodysuit:


Male’s Jacket:

Male’s bodysuit:


So what do you think? Would you be buying any? :D

Credit goes to Local ourWorld News, but the Bracelets and Sets are founded by qatest links.