About Astronomy

Hey guys! My name is Melissa, on playtest I'm known as "Astronomy" but on live ourworld I'm known as "Queen Universe". I am a huge geek when it comes to learning about the universe, only because I love it so much!

Gem Codes: 8th – 15th July

Hello~! sorry no Monthly code yet. Pretty annoying that ourWorld won’t release a monthly code, uh? ._. But there’s a Toolbar code! *Throws pretty colorful petals* *Cough* Anyways…



4C94-CC5D-C4A2-A707 (Thanks Ms Incurable~!)

Cupid Heart Mystery Box

In the next update (Feb 4th) ourWorld will be releasing Cupid Heart Mystery Box! Take a look below:

Feb Box

Hearts A Flutter Iron Heart Love Light

Cupid's Love

Love Seraphim

Love Shower

Love Sick

What do you think about the items? Also, this may contain an Aura. We’ll have to wait and see!

Credit goes to “Local ourWorld News”

Other Feb 4th updates:

Ultiimate Winter Items Results