About Hated

Hello, I'm Navdeep! I've been on ourWorld scince Jan 2009. I may seem crazy at times, but thats just me. My name on ourWorld is Hated, and I'm quite friendly, so if you ever see me on ourWorld, don't be afraid to say 'Hi!'

Gem Codes: 1st September – 8th September

Only Facebook at the moment! If you know the Toolbar for this week, we will add your name into this post!


 5D1F-A4BC-4E97-97C7 (Didn’t expect it to be the first week. Ha.)


Thank you elPassion, AmiiLoveAdii,  Shinigami, False Reality and Lobus for Toolbar!

Thank you  doodlepearl &  xXNerdyyXx for Monthly!

Trading Coins!

Ok, so you all know how we can trade items, for other items in the Market Place, right? Well now, we can trade coins, along with the items we would like to trade!

There will be a sign saying ‘Offer Coins’, in the bottom right corner, as you can see in the picture above, where you can put in the amount of coins you would like to trade!

Have fun trading coins!

– Elements

Music Box Preview!

Ok, so I guess your wondering what this ‘Music Box Preview’ is, so I’ll tell you! On February 20th, a new NPC (non playing character), called Cammie, is going to be giving us loads of fun challenges to do, with amazing rewards! As you may have guessed, one of the rewards is the Music Mystery Box! No need to waste your gems now :D All you have to do is go to beat street, and click on Cammie, and choose the challenge you want to do!

After you finish whatever challenge your are doing, go back to Cammie, and get your reward ;O

I hope that you enjoy doing challenges!

– Elements