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"I'm in track, band and high school. Only thing I'm out of is my mind". I am the proud and founder of ourWorld FM and ourWorld Chronicles. Author of ourWorld Secretes also!

New Summer 2013 Pet [Animations]

Le Porkie is here to share some more things with you. This thing is such a QT! What do you think. Meet..

Finnigan The Fluffy Unicorn


Gem Codes (Aug 19th-25th)

(Won’t Change Until Next Month!)
Monthly Gem Code: EB57-A836-DF33-459A

(New Codes!)

Toolbar Gem Code: 32A7-9A70-43C2-33E8

Facebook Gem Code: 6D8B-82DA-557B-0FA2

Magic Carpet (Short oW Story)

Mwahaha Another Story, and my first one at that!





By: Le Porkie

To have your stories posted on here this is how:

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  • Your story must be about ourWorld.
  • Or post your story here.
  • Nothing inappropriate

Unknown Condo Box 2013

Well look what it is! In honor of last year’s unknown box… ANOTHER unknown box!

Le Porkie hates them but for all you grand condo decorators, here ya go!


Note: These images legally belong to the developer of ourWorld; Flowplay

New Condo Furniture

Here are the new boxes coming to ourWorld.

…and the toilet don’t ask me, I don’t know…

Larger image for Kitchen Set HERE

Larger image for Hobby Set HERE

Larger image for Garage Set HERE

Larger image for Bathroom Set HERE

What do you think!?



Note: These images legally belong to the developer of ourWorld; Flowplay