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My name is Mario i am Egyptian , my ourworld name:cool mario1 i love painting ( i am good) , i am a poet and i love soccer. i have been playing ourworld since 2009 . i love to write and i love everybody. sometimes i am bad but i think i am good in the end. i am 16 years old and still love games :) "always like life to let life like you"

Gem Codes : 5th – 11th January

Hey Boys and Girls here are the new gem codes for this week … Don’t miss boxes or items ! Buy all now because you can :)                                                                               Hmm… About the gem codes there is not a lot this week , monthly will not be published this week , if you know the toolbar code … use it ! oh and write it in comments :)              here they are :

Monthly code


Toolbar code


Facebook code


Enjoy !

Note from Act: Hurhur…. I’m sorry for publishing this late… I been lazy and forgot about this blog. I have always been the lazy one…. Well…. Hope you enjoy these codes while you can!

Gem Codes : 29th Dec 2014 – 5th Jan 2015

Hey people as the new year is just – that close … They decided finally to give us all gem codes (complete) here they are : (enjoy spending them on great ourWorld stuff :P)



Monthly (December):

P.S. the monthly code can be used only once, use it before the end of the month and the year (use it or lose it) , the toolbar code can only be used when you have the ourWorld toolbar installed and visible , the Facebook code can be used when you are connected to Facebook only.

Good Luck :-) Visit us frequently for more news and updates

thanks for CODES: Meet Friendly, lisaaaaaaa, Wedday, Rawr x3, II CharIie II, Kirei, frannen

Gem Codes : 22th – 28th December 2014

Happy holidays … Merry Xmas and happy new year 2015 (very soon)

here are the gem codes to buy winter items or store items (it’s up to you)

well here are the codes : (most of them)


Monthly (December):


Thanks for FACEBOOK:  II CharIie II, Confusion, Mady Elena, Khate Yumi, MrsFap, Pathetique, Rawr x3, Cupcake Batter, É-jàÿ Jz Štèphëñś

P.S. be sure to be logged in to Facebook before using the Facebook code , the monthly code can be used once available till the end of December and of course 2014 , if there will be a toolbar code make sure you have the ourWorld toolbar installed and visible.

good luck :)

Gem Codes: March 10 – March 17

Hey people! ourWorld gave us two new codes for this week. I hope this would help I got 2 gem codes for now. Well here they are:

Facebook Gem Code:


Toolbar Gem Code:


March Monthly Gem Code:


Remember to be logged in to Facebook before using the Facebook code and to have the ourWorld toolbar installed and visible before using the toolbar code and to use the Monthly code before 31st of March .