Apply To Be A Blogger (OPEN)

Want to become a blogger with us? Here’s your chance! once you have entered everything correctly, you will receive an email of invitation to join this blog and start posting!


Further questions about posting early updates should message “Act”  or “Peek” (Yeah, I know he doesn’t post. But he has a lot of experience of WordPress and getting early updates). on ourWorld. Kthxbai. Just a reminder. PEEK. Not Seek.

If you message me for early Updates(Act) I will ask for your WordPress ID and check if you are a blogger with us. If not, you get no reply from me. Sowwy ;^;

(Forget about the stuff down der…)


Most of you should of received this with the following:

You have been accepted to join our blog. Once accepted you will need to go to the main page of Secret our World Cheats and be logged in to your WordPress. On the main page you should see a black toolbar and on the left top corner it shall say “Secret ourWorld Chea…” hover your mouse over that and hover over “New” and click Post. Walla ready to post! To add pictures change Visual to Text and find “img” insert pic link (Skip Description) and go back to Visual and you should see the image.”

or received a link (Chatzy) as requested for posting updates.

If you wish to have the link again, please provide with your WordPress name and email should be sent less than 48 hours with the link. (Email will only be sent if you are part of this blog now. If not, no email will be sent.)