About SOC

Please read:

This is just a fan made blog for ourWorld. More than 5 people post and edit this blog. Not just Secret.

FAQ for Gem Codes

1. We do not copy images from other blogs. We get them ourselves from Playtest or Qatest. If we do see a copied image from a blog, we would credit them or take it down immediately and replace them with our own.

2. We did not create ourWorld nor are we the Ourworld staff. We just post to inform you what’s coming in the next updates.

3. We do not make gem codes. Gem codes usually come out on Tuesdays, since it would probably be Monday in ourWorld time, or 4 – 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. We post them straight after we see them.

4. Please do not ask for us to update the codes. The monthly code comes out only once every month, and the facebook code comes out once each week. Do not comment, asking us to update the codes. Again, we will post them right after we see them.

5. We do not take blames, excuses or complaints about gem codes being late. We post them straight as we see them, if it has been commented about the gem codes we would credit them.

6. We are currently not looking for more people to blog. When we are, we would post that we are looking for more. ( The page is broken right now apparently, if you would like to contribute, please message Confusion)

7. We do NOT ALLOW off site links. Such as nothing that has to do about ourWorld.

8. Rudeness will not be tolerated either (This includes profanity/cursing). We will delete those comments. If it continues, we will mark it as spam so we won’t recieve any rude comments anymore , We also ask that you do not ask for gifts in the comments.

9. You may not use our images (Items and updates etc.) unless you link back to us. If it has “Secret ourWorld Cheats” on the images, you do not need to.

Secret~ Confusion~ Peek~+ Other bloggers


25 thoughts on “About SOC

  1. (prepare for a bit of feels)
    I have left OurWorld back in 2012 after a few months of playing it. I was 9 when I played and I am currently 14. I initially thought that this game would just die out and be forgotten. Boy, was I wrong. I logged back on to OurWorld just recently and I was completely shocked to see that people were actually still playing this game! This caught me completely off guard and made me realise that I was wrong. A lot of the friends I have now is because of Ourworld. This game holds a place very close to my heart, this game has an AMAZING fanbase and I hope that this game never dies. This was the last time I would ever log on to OurWorld. Why? I personally don’t find this game fun anymore but others do. This is what makes a game truly memorable. Thanks for the memories, OurWorld. I will never forget you.

  2. Hey Everyone who does this blog is amazing in their own way and I am proud on the fact they try to do the best they can to get updates, gem codes and cheats they know about and share with the world. They can’t always post things cause maybe something really serious happened or maybe they just do not have the time. Everyone on this blog take a lot of the time out of they’re day to look for gem codes, new outfits, and updates. All the things they do, to satisfy all of you takes a looong time. So be patient with them and think of the things that could happen that are super serious. And a message to all the bloggers on this site great job :D

    • you can see facebook codes on the ourworld facebook page, but if you’re talking about monthly, i have no idea

      • oW staff sends monthly newsletter to all verified e-mails in one day of the first 2 weeks in the months. in them, they show what’s new for the month (games, gem codes, mystery boxes, contests etc.) and the gem code

  3. I’m glad you guys have rules for this site… I get quite irritated when I see people complaining when you guys have a life outside of this game…. I’m just impressed you guys post and keep up with this website…So good job!

    • you mean very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very GOOD GOOD GOOD job :’)

  4. i have a new cheat secret if u give me fractured girl cheat i would give u electric ave cheat for flow

  5. This is pretty straight forward and shout out to Act! I feel bad for all those people who keep saying rude things to Secret and not knowing how busy she is! You are a bad booty to the bone! Can I get a what what! (/>O<)/ lol just kidding x) I wish I could help you guys out, but I always miss those openings for recruits T^T fudge cakes.

  6. Hi Secret! I’m a big fan of you! I just wanted to say thank you! For inspiring me to make my own blog! But it didn’t work out! :( But, i made a wiki! About it! I just wanted to ask you if you can help me to make it better? Or can you tell people to come visit it! Please? I just started it, so it needs a bit more work! But, please visit it at: http://ourword.wikia.com/ Just! Please. Thank you! But, please reply me too!

      • 2 Strikes given. If you don’t know what I mean by that, please read the new paragraph in the post.
        The Strikes are given from the video page which those comments were deleted by some other Author.

      • ok i’m quitting this site and ourworld because its better off on animal jam where mostly people my age (9-10) play. give me three strikes? I don’t care, delete me off here? I really don’t care! Do any little thing you wanna do cause im not going on ourworld anymore. by anymore I mean once a month

      • I don’t really care either what you just said. Animal Jam = don’t care. Age = Don’t care, Quitting = Don’t care! :) Ourworld is fully not about age telling, it’s about making friends. I hope Animal Jam people can take your attitude, because I can’t take a 10 year old attitude that is awfully rude. Be rude to other people, get a rude respond back. That’s how this planet works. Oh yeah, here’s a funny little picture for you to show my reaction though:

        I would laugh if you actually replied.

      • now i see how act is angry to pink crayon x… act is right, it DOESN’T matter about the age,quitting,etc. v.v

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