2020 Halloween Items Preview

These are the Halloween items for this year! Please bare in mind that this post is COMPLETE as there may be items missing from a set and other sets not in the post yet. 5 Sets announced so far

Female Items

Male Items:

13 thoughts on “2020 Halloween Items Preview

  1. I think i didnt have the Extra Emergency headpiece (cool doctor cap) in my Shop Monthly Items section, did this happen to anyone else? I found out about it tonight while i was browsing Marketplace, but i am positive i didnt see it in the regular Shop, or maybe i was sleepy that day and missed it

      • I thought it was a monthly because it’s officially called Halloween 2020, and also because i’ve bought some Extra Emergency items from the Monthly category. already. The moderator should’ve put this one in Monthly section in Shop as well, who knows how many great things we’ve missed :)

  2. Apart of ourWorld is FASHION! Hence why there is always fashion shows, people with their own style… it makes ourWorld UNIQUE! Hire another artist… There’s many people out there. I feel like they creators are giving up with the game not knowing the potential they have. Add things! Hire more artists!

  3. These are cute and all but for our last Halloween, I would’ve LOVED revamped 08-09 items .. like purple/pink pirate boots and green or red gg socks~

  4. Who the hell is the artist?? The clothing is getting worst and worst like they’re not putting in any effort what so ever and that’s why people quit. They need to start copying the old stuff or something because this is very disappointing and the marketplace is hella expensive. They’re not doing anything to help us get coins nor gems.

    • As a long-time player, I feel that a lot of the clothing over the past few years haven’t been the best I’ve seen from ourWorld, but you have to understand that ourWorld, along with other online virtual worlds, just aren’t popular anymore; just take a look at what happened to Club Penguin and Fantage. It’s not worth investing more and more effort/time/money for a dying game.

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