Gem Codes: January 22 – January 28

Facebook: 0555-55FE-EC02-E38A
(Expires Jan, 28, 2018)

 2 Monthlies:

{expiring at 11:59pm on 01/28/2018} December’s code

{expiring at 11:59pm on 02/04/2018} January’s code.


8 thoughts on “Gem Codes: January 22 – January 28

  1. my ourworld acc 13
    Poker Cafe
    Poker Star
    Cute Cafe
    code of both months is not working in my accounts

      • Is this for ourWorld? Reasons the code may not be working;
        1. Remember December code has expired, so that one will not work. However the January is still valid till 4th Feb.
        2. The code you copied/typed were incorrect, double check if you have all the digits correctly.
        3. (This applies to Monthly codes only) Your email was not comfirmed, meaning you cannot use the codes until you have comfirmed it.
        4. (This applies to Facebook codes only) You do not have your facebook account linked, ourWorld requires to have your account linked to use the codes, however you do not needed to be logged in.
        5. You have already used the code and cannot use it twice.
        6. You are using the code on the wrong website, these codes are only valid for

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