Halloween 2017 Items: Part 1

Here are some of the upcoming Halloween items!

Outfit 1:

Jolly Jokester

Outfit 2:

High Speed Racer

Outfit 3:

Outfit 5:

Oh My Goth

Outfit 6:

​Starlight Witch

Outfit 7:

​Spooky Bride

Outfit 8:

​Spooky Groom

Outfit 9:

​Creepy Crawly

5 thoughts on “Halloween 2017 Items: Part 1

    • Thanks, I try to make em not stand out too much for visibility reasons but it is really painstaking to gather all the pictures. Glad it worked out good.

      • I understand that, it is perfect. It is not high in contrast, meaning not distracting or taking over the whole image of the items. Its unfortunate that some sites do not credit us for finding the items through qatest because I can understand how long it takes finding them all, adding the outfit set/colour set together. For them, it’s just one simple screenshot or copy image and paste onto their site.

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