Gem Codes: 14th – 20th August

(Expires on 20th August)
Thank you HatsuneMikuRocks for the Facebook code!


9 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 14th – 20th August

  1. ya everyone stop saying that the codes come late it was 10 gems before at least you can get 20 gems.And look at me i dont even play on face book i can only use monthly gem codes :I

  2. Guys calm down , They are trying their best to provide you with codes and they are not in control of when it comes out because if they were , then they would have posted it long ago. Stop complaining , atleast you have 20 gems.

    • Since the last news letter was on the 18th, it should be on the 18th or 22nd at max. But I cannot guarantee anything and gets people hopes up, its just my own estimation and theory. Haha, it sure is!

    • We need to wait as well, not just yourself. We have no control of the codes. They come out – we post them when we see them. Nothing else we can do from there. Be happy with the 20 gems from the facebook code, used to be 10.

      Edit: Last news letter was 18th July, so expect it 18th+ August

  3. Lol, like February will the monthly code of august will be released next month?
    Ow gives everything late tho.
    You are kind enough to lead this website
    For secret.

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