How To Enable Red Usernames

This requires you to be a volunteer in order for this to work.

This guide is for anyone who didn’t know, you can make your username in the colour red!(and other people users too) However, no one else can see it besides yourself.


  1. Goto settings
  2. Select any language under “Translation Language”
  3. Right click your screen
  4. Select “Color Text”

Notes: To disable this, simply right click again and click “Color Text”. This feature will also change the colors of some of the other texts in the game. To bring back graphics option, go back into settings and select none under “Translation Language” and refresh the page. May have to disable and re-enable during gameplay for the color to reappear. You will need to re-enable through right clicking after the page refreshes.

16 thoughts on “How To Enable Red Usernames

    • You can’t get rid of it, as along you remain a volunteer, it will be still there. I do not know how you can opt out of being a volunteer. I do not know what you mean that it cause filter? I have had it for awhile and seen no filter (besides the usual filtering in public chat rooms) I suppose you can send a support ticket to ourWorld?

  1. @Peek, I do know why this feature changes the color, I don’t know why it won’t change the color for your character. But I do not think many ourworld players know about the feature, and the colors will still show when you take pictures (ourworld pictures), and you can make people confused seeing colored text/names in the photo.

    • I realized it’s probably the language I have chosen, after I switched to another one it finally showed my own user in red. And I suppose thats true, not many people who becomes a volunteer know all of the features of a volunteer

  2. Meh, it’s more like make other players name red than myself. It only goes red because you cannot translate it and where things are yellow, they can be translated. Hence why it says Translate by key, you click the yellow parts while holding alt. Alt + click.

    • Because until now, i can’t understand about it, cause i try it many times and i even click many times in the right but there is nothing show in my screen :(

      • Before I make a video, have you tried following these steps? (Assuming you are a volunteer, a volunteer would have a white smiley face above their chat, if not – you are not a volunteer)

        So step 1: You go to settings, where you would enter your gem coupons, change email, pass and etc
        step 2: under the language box, there should be “translate language” select any of them, doesn’t matter which languaye you choose (as long its not set to none)
        Step 3. After you chosen a language, close your settings and then right click anywhere and should get a white menu.
        step 4: Click colour text

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