Gem Codes: 10th July – 16th July

Facebook:  03A2-E75A-1854-F809

(expires on July 16, 2017)

Monthly: N/A


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About Peek

Aye, old name used to be Secretly and PEX. I have been on ourWorld for a couple of years now and been pretty chill and... A loner. I now help or run part of this blog when I can, I am no better than Secret or Confusion but I can do my best. See you around. Feel free to join our... ourWorld group chat!

13 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 10th July – 16th July

  1. Just to like everyome to know, ourWorld has delayed in posting their facebook gem codes, so therefore there isn’t any fb codes posted today. It may be posted tomorrow or some day in this week. Just have to be patient with them~

    • ughhhhhh i literally first discovered gem codes on july 16 at 12:03 in the morning so it was already expired lolol

    • We have no control when gem codes come out. This post came out 3 hours after the official announcement of the facebook code. Again, ourWorld only posts them on Monday in their time zone.

      • My crew princess ow got feautured in this website, im.anuaish, you are the luck charm. Because of you in my crew many members joined my crew, I would like to gift you. May I know what you want? :) I will add the gem code of your website always. Our gem codes does not release codes in time like yours. I love you. Secret is the best.

      • I am glad you have got new members in your crew! I hope it continues to grow ♡. There is no need to gift me, please save your gems/coins to use on yourself or close friends. :)

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