Gem Codes: December 12 – December 18

Facebook: 0823-9F35-2084-422F
(Expires December 18, 2016)

Monthly: EF75-8E30-B2BE-2E3D
(Expires December 31, 2016)
(Thank you Random Person)

Also some news about Ourworld’s server issues.
Ooie wrote:We’re still experiencing the same server issues as we have all week long, you’re not the only one having trouble. A lot of people are able to get in now, but there are also still a lot having issues. We’re working on the problem now but there’s no ETA on when exactly it’ll all be back to normal, unfortunately.


21 thoughts on “Gem Codes: December 12 – December 18

  1. I think ourWorld just did maintenance. I got logged out and saw a screen that said they were fixing something. Maybe the issue is resolved now?

  2. okay we understand you are doing something but what about the gem codes. Once the due date passes it’s not going to work right? or will they make an arrangement ? please we don’t wont to miss any monthly or weekly gem code.
    Thank you :) :)

    • This is just a fan blog. I posted what one of the forum masters said so people would know what’s going on. They probably won’t do anything about the codes because not everyone is having this issue.

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