Gem Codes: October 24 – October 30

Facebook: FD73-8809-424A-B8CF
(Expires October 30, 2016)

Monthly: N/A

18 thoughts on “Gem Codes: October 24 – October 30

  1. I have been combing through the OurWorld forums, and it seems as though the OurWorld staff forgot to send the monthly news letter or the monthly code in the news letter. I’m not sure if they’re still planning on sending one out or not. But please note that you’re not alone, I too am upset that it’s only 2 to 3 days before months end and they still have not yet resolved this problem.

    • Dw i’m not that bothered by the monthly code not being out, i’m more bothered by people posting on here about the monthly codes like the writer of this blog can do something about it…which they have said before it’s not likely they can. But i agree with you that ow have just forgotten about their monthly newsletter and people should be a little more grateful that the game still exists :* okay rant kinda over :**

  2. god guys stop bugging them about the monthly code, ow hasn’t released it yet. when they do it will be put on here stop hassling them and just be grateful that you are getting the weekly ones…

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