Gem Codes: May 30 – June 5

Facebook Code:B7FF-E825-C1A8-ABF2
June Monthly Code: N/A


20 thoughts on “Gem Codes: May 30 – June 5

  1. Um Hey, my ow cant open when i search it on google or anything can u please help ( and yes i did try all pages and it did not work) can u help me?

  2. can u plz put the next code fast or if u cant plz make the next code 30 gems plzz plzzz i really need it and for all the muslim ppl ramadan karem also the non-muslium

    • We only post the codes when ourworld releases them. We do not work for ourworld, nor do we make the codes.

    • The people on this website dont make the codes or anything like that, ow makes them the posts them online and these ppl find it and put it here, so they cane decide how much its worth

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