Gem Codes: January 3 – January 10

Facebook: 6B2E-64E8-3784-6275
Monthly: N/A

please enjoy the first gems of the new year


18 thoughts on “Gem Codes: January 3 – January 10

    • It really depends on what you see as easy. You can watch videos/let them run while you do something else, buy gems, or use codes. (I wouldn’t trust the websites that make you download something for free gems)

      • My only advice for you is to reset your password to something more challenging, like random letters and numbers, and not give away any of your personal info (not that you did)

    • You can buy them, or watch videos, but you have to remember ourworld needs money to function. If they gave out tons of gems each time nobody would pay for them, causing the game to eventually lose too much money and shut down.

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