Gem Codes: November 2 – November 8

Facebook Code: 2F2C-0C18-E2D1-3622
Monthly Code: N/A


16 thoughts on “Gem Codes: November 2 – November 8

  1. OMG stop the trolling lol, They dont control the codes they are just pepole who get to see the code and they post it so if u have any complains dont blame them, They dont need to lisent to u and ur complains beacuse its not their fault like u keep shouting beacuse ur too young to have a facebook code or entered ur birth wrong tho lol. I just wanted to say dont complain pepole they are doing their best

  2. Well then, that child was flaming pretty hard for something that he doesn’t ‘deserve’. This place isn’t something that you get mandatory. They’re being nice and you decide to flame them because you had a false statement? Jesus. Anywayssss, haha; I hope that I can get to that code first. x-x I’d really enjoy such a code. Hope me the best! <3

    • What the hell some one told me it would be here tomarow and it was not so i came back today and you tell me i have to wait till the middle of the month this is bull shit its fucked up give me the codes or dont but you cant tant me i wano have it so go fuck yourself cause your to ugly that some body else will want to fuck you sorry i get really mean and nasty when i get mad so im sorry i can wait till the middle

      • Getting angry at us for not having the code when someone else told you isn’t any way to get the code. The monthly usually never comes when you expect it, all I can tell you is to check back occasionally and see if it came.

      • Lilly, the people who run this blog have NO control when the codes come out. They have to wait till oW posts the codes on FB or on oW’s main blog, only then can they post the codes here. Getting mad at Confusion over oW not posting the monthly on time is really not nice. Please consider reading the about SOC section before yelling at people who are trying to do their best with that they have

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