Gem Codes: October 5 – October 11

Facebook: 524B-9A4C-46CF-FECD
Monthly: 3194-488A-8316-668D

Thank you sweetiecandy12 for the monthly!


19 thoughts on “Gem Codes: October 5 – October 11

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    • Mmm, I would try to look on your friends list and see if you recognize her character.. but if she changed it so you couldn’t find her I would probably not look for her.

    • Don’t worry it’s pretty simple. First go to Settings, then user settings, and scroll down. When you scroll down you’ll see a little bar that says “Got a coupon?”. Just enter the code there and you’re good to go

  2. cant wait to get new gems with the next codes :D But for all of you thinking this is the only way to get gems if you go into the free gems tab and the jun group across the top, that works really well just open a ton of tabs with it and then run them at the same time

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