Gem Codes: August 3 – August 9

Facebook Gem Code: 09C0-CD92-9FEE-4A8E

Monthly Gem Code: N/A

have fun w/ these lol

12 thoughts on “Gem Codes: August 3 – August 9

  1. Be careful using Facebook nowadays. There has been a glitch where if you refresh you land on another player’s account so I recommend you guys to link your Facebook account (for the gem codes) and then unlink it. Also play on the actual ourWorld site and not the one through Facebook (:

  2. Hey everyone, just an announcement. Secret is being ATTACKED. BIG TIME. 4 girls named Zo Larson, Sm4rt, Kelly Phan, and twiggy are tag teaming her in her comment box. This is sad and pathetic. They are accusing her of hacking all of their accounts. If you could do me a favor and please help me report them! Just go and take a look at what they are saying to her. They told her to kill herself. They are calling her names and basically cyber bully her. Please report all 4 of them.

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