Gem Codes: July 20 – July 26

Facebook: 7713-E135-513F-3E02
Monthly: D627-C7DD-3BDA-3B9C

Oops, I just found the typo. Sorry guys and thanks for telling me :P

101 thoughts on “Gem Codes: July 20 – July 26

  1. the facebook code in the end it’s 3E02 i’m just telling cuz its not obviouse and i tried l the numbers to find it i know you guys knot it :p but i’m just telling…

      • you people are soo slow i was the first to say the code was missing a number actually and why are you slow becuase you took so long to review my account so its your fault that you didnt get it earlier and yes i posted that here before anyone and no dont expect anything from you at all now and why didnt i tell you earlier because i know you do this stuff already

      • There is no need to get riled up about this, everyone makes mistakes, and Sammey is probably still getting used to being a blogger. You don’t become an expert at it over night. One last thing, the only reason there are so many comments saying the same thing because of them piling up, and the only reason your comment was left unchecked, was because of me, so don’t blame Sammey.

      • Well I am not necessarily blaming anyone all I am stating is your not responsible oh but, who should make sure things are the way they should be the creator of this site.

      • I’m sorry, but Secret quit. She told me she would check up on the site occasionally though. I was also away all of last week, so I couldn’t necessarily do much. It’s not exactly easy to balance stress, other websites, and real life things.. so if I may ask that you please cut us some slack until more people start to post..

      • Then who is the adminastrator because she pretty much doesn’t look back at the past and you are not her so I’m not here to to anything about you I’m here because if she quit then she could’ve said so and from that I could promise you none of this would have happened today and yesterday.

      • Currently I am the only administrator that posts. Secret’s bio on ourworld says she quit, and she told me herself that she quit. But she also said that she would check up on ourworld/the site occasionally.

  2. There is a 2 at the very end of the facebook gem code I hope you know that. You missed the 2 so for people with problems add the 2 to the very end of the facebook gem code.

  3. Hey, so, the last character of the Facebook code is missing – it should look like this 7713-E135-513F-3E02 . ;o

  4. Hello. Thank you for your hard work on getting the codes, but it says that the Facebook Code is an Unknown coupon.

  5. Doesnt work ! :( There is so last digit in the code. Example : ….-….-….-…? where is the last no. ? :'(

  6. um, you forgot the 2 at the end of the facebook code. won’t work without the 2 at the end of the last four digits (three without the 2.) please fix for people viewing this later in the week, thanks.

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