Gem Codes: July 13 – July 19

Facebook: 13E9-5C5A-D139-D57E
Monthly: Still N/A

24 thoughts on “Gem Codes: July 13 – July 19

  1. Guys! i have a req: for those who make updates in OW! plz introduce some different stuff, plz plz plz! for example: Disney Frozen Theme (or set, or Mystery box, or their limited time stuff) for upcoming winter….. OR that of MONSTER HIGH for upcoming Halloween.

    • I’m sorry, but we are just a fan blog of sorts. We just post upcoming updates, items, codes, etc.. :s
      Though you can go to the ourworld support (Just go to the ourworld site and at the top of the page, before logging in, it says help) and send a ticket suggesting your ideas! Ourworld also occassionally holds contests where you can design your own item for a chance of getting it to be a real in game item.

  2. Hi why there is no monthly gems code it’s already 2 week 😢 I need monthly gems code so bad and I need toolbar gems code back 😢😭😢😭that all please

    • I have no idea when ourworld decides to release the monthly, but it does eventually come so I don’t think its much to worry about.
      The toolbar code I don’t think is ever coming back, but they compensated for it by making the facebook code give 20 gems instead of 10.

    • You go to “Settings”, “User settings”, then scroll down to where it says “Got a coupon?” and then just type/paste the code into there :>

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