Gem Codes: June 22 – June 28

Please enjoy these gems!

Facebook: 2493-4874-7D54-2A95 (June 22 – June 28)
Monthly: F150-3956-EBCB-E2FF (June 1 – June 30)

Please read the FAQ on the “About SOC” tab before asking any questions.

11 thoughts on “Gem Codes: June 22 – June 28

  1. hey! um idk if there is a problem but if u noticed the monthly code is repeated it is the same as june 8th to 14th and 15th to 21st! so please get a new one for the monthly code ty!

    • We don’t make the codes. The monthly code is for each month. As such, there is only one code for the monthly each month. Next time, please read the “about SOC” tab before asking any questions. Thank you

    • It doesn’t come out until around 4-5 PM Eastern standard time, when it comes out we will post it. Please read the “About SOC” tab.

  2. Hello, i’d like to be a blogger for SOC. I’ve always wanted to be one but, i still cannot fulfill my goals. Please answer back. Thank you! Latte

      • well, um, im not sure if this is a goal but, i can’t get any viewers for my blog. it seems very hard. Even if i try my hardest.

    • well, you can log in facebook in a very easy way, which is better for you… check what ur going to do.
      1rst: open another page which is facebook on the other hand of ow.
      2nd: go to the setting on ow, and then the user setting
      3ird: go to sharing and click on the right hand sign in with facebook
      thats all

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