Free Gems E-Mails

Hello all you OurWorld players sorry if this is a little messy my first post that’s not about the codes :P anyway… I found out a way to get 20 every month with just the monthly.I only do this on my alts ( my other toons besides Sammey ) ok let’s get down to business!!!

1. don’t log in to your alts (your other accounts besides your main account ) at all for at least one month

2. after about a month of not logging in just keep checking your e-mail. Not your Ourworld messages the e-mail that you verified your alts with.You should get a message saying (your alts name here), Get Free Coins & Gems from ourWorld! remember don’t loggin until you get this e-mail this e-mail is ourworld trying to get you to come back.

3. ok after you have gotten the e-mail it’s time for you to loggin to whoever got that e-mail and claim your gems. yes yes I know it’s only 10 gems but if you combine that with the 10 gems you get from the monthly code that’s 20 gems :O

well I hope that all of you will enjoy this tip

also I believe a flow box comes with those gems from that e-mail

23 thoughts on “Free Gems E-Mails

  1. I have 2 newb accounts and have a facebook account for both, but whenever i try to gift my real account it says that i cant send a gift unless the gems that i have were purchased, not by codes >.<

  2. Well I still think that the best way to get gems is just through facebook codes. Like, you only need one facebook account for whatever the amount of noob accounts you have. You can use the same one, the thing is just that you need to link it to that noob, use the code and unlink the fb profile (not log out, you must UNLINK it). That’s it. Rinse and repeat.

    • nope you can only use the facebook code once per facebook account so that means you would you to make as many facebook accounts as your ourworld accounts

      • You have to log on through the Ourworld site not facebook’s Ourworld app then go to user settings then click the tab that says sharing and there will be a button that says unlink facebook account click that

  3. well, actually i knew it before because i have more than 1 account… and sometimes i forget to open so thats why..
    But remeber that u cant gift anyone without purchasing gems.. and if ur account is newbie then u will gain nothing at all…
    but thanks this is the perfect websit :) good luck guys

  4. i think that 2 weeks should be enough to get those 10 gems cuz i logged in today into my noob accounts because i saw the monthly code was out, and i already had 10 gems ;-; and it had only been 2 weeks since i’d logged in.

  5. (ik this is totally random but i just found it out…) if you are not in anything on ow and you can see yourself press escape and it will change the pose you and other people are in

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