Gem Codes April 27 – May 3

facebook: 6818-C97E-B8E1-F601

monthly:8296-946E-37F7-433E (still April)

Sorry these took so long they came out on my birthday. please enjoy

19 thoughts on “Gem Codes April 27 – May 3

  1. new monthly gem code please? :33 oh and im not updated but what happened to Secret?… sorry if im annoying or anything but please answer if you can… thanks in advance ^-^v

    • I don’t know when the monthly is going to come out they usually come out the 2nd or the 3rd week of the month. And I’m new here I don’t know what happened to secret all I know is that she quit. That’s why I am here now cause I saw how much they were hurting when she left. So I said I can help you guys out with the codes and well here I am.

    • when you are in the game you should see box that says settings up in the right hand corner click on that and then click on user settings then scroll down until you see where it says Got A Coupon? and enter the code in that little box press Submit and you should get your gems I hope this helped ;)

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