Gem Codes: April 6 – April 12

Facebook: 6922-3882-D105-8FA3
Monthly: 8296-946E-37F7-433E

My first post ever I hope I did this right and please enjoy ;)

thanks for the monthly Shin Ji Soo

30 thoughts on “Gem Codes: April 6 – April 12

  1. Thank you so much coupon codes are the only way I get gems so this is really a really big help for starters like me in oW. Anyways more power for the secretourworldcheats family.

      • Thank you so much for the FaceBook gem code but will their be a monthly gem code??? Oh and also check me up on Ourworld my name is Rachel Crowe :) thank you

      • yes there should be a monthly coming but it’s not out yet they usually come out the 2nd or the 3rd week of the month

  2. …. do gem codes normaly give you 20 gems or is it a new update? CUZ a code or the code gave me 20 gems not 10 im not joking i had 10 gems then i used the code now i have 30… WDF

    • Ok let me fill you in on what I know they are no longer going to give out toolbar codes because of this the facebook will now give out 20 gems instead of 10

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