Gem Codes: March 16-March 22

Facebook: 48D3-79D6-684D-E4A4

Monthly: F89D-9EAE-20F9-8079


27 thoughts on “Gem Codes: March 16-March 22

  1. Ok I got some good news and some bad news. Good news: the facebook code will now give out 20 gems instead of 10.Bad news: there will no longer be a toolbar code. :( Sorry all you toolbar users you either have to switch to facebook or just get the monthly. I’m so sorry this has to be in the comments I did apply to be come a blogger though

    • 6B17-B4C3-1A53-3CE4 = Weekly code ( 20 gems )
      ( Expires 29/03/2015 )
      By the way, Toolbar codes are no longer a thing, that’s why the weekly codes are 20 gems now. Enjoy ! (:

      • oh so now you don’t need facebook? I was told you couldn’t use toolbar and you have to use facebook

      • Yea this is the Facebook weekly code, you still need to be connected to Facebook (:

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