Gem codes: Feb 9- Feb 15

Please enjoy these codes!

Facebook: E855-7912-D533-782F (Available for one week)

 Monthly: EDA4-8679-6E08-43D6 (Available all month)


I’ve also added how long they are available, for anyone who does’t know

49 thoughts on “Gem codes: Feb 9- Feb 15

  1. I might give Confusion pictures from my blog to use on here for updates. I have asked her, but no answer yet. Hopefully I can help lift the blog back up. A lot of people on this blog quit, and they were old friends, so i still want to help them. And not trying to advertise, but i seriously just want people to stop complaining about the codes. And if you really don’t mind me stating my blog if i can’t get posts on here, to show you the updates (none too recent right now) comment so I don’t just advertise

  2. In regards to any comments like “Where did everyone go”,etc. I have not been posting for personal reasons, and Secret has quit (as far as I know or have been told). I also do not have contact with any of the other bloggers (Other than Secret) so I do not know why they are inactive, sorry.
    I may post again in the future, if not the “Become a blogger” tab is still open for anyone who wishes to contribute.

    So no need to panic or anything, thats just what has happened. Sorry for the inconveniences or confusion.

    • hey I don’t mind I know we all have a life outside of the game I have been trying to help you out by posting the codes I know. And I’m sorry to hear about Secret :(

      • Ok I have two questions to ask you.
        1. Is a WordPress account (just the account not the blog) free?
        2. you say to use a WordPress name (NOT OURWORLD!) does that mean that my WordPress account name needs to be different from my Ourworld account name?

      • I think I can answer that for you.
        1. Making the account is free!
        2. Not at all! You can name your wordpress account anything you like, you just need to apply with your wordpress account username so that you can make posts on this blog :)

      • Sorry just one more question how will I know if you accept me for the blog or not?
        Again I’m sorry I have never done this before but I want to help you guys :(

      • I think you will receive an email about joining, then you’re done and you can post!

    • you’ve done very well from the date u started
      until here i’m grateful i hope i can help u guys to repost codes again i’m ready to help u however my player name is emma813 message me n i will be reaady to help

    • March 2-8 Facebook:7AAD-918D-AAF9-9851 Toolbar:077F-613A-F38F-E7E5 no monthly yet sorry :( but I haven’t seen the toolbar in a while

      • lol I don’t know I just go to other sites find them and post them on which ever sites don’t have them yet :/

  3. Hi but umm is there going to be an update about like new clothing cause there has not been one recently. I am saving my gems but nothing is coming is there any chance some one knows what’s coming?

    • There might not be for a while, im trying to work things out with confusion. I’m trying to see if i can help post, but not in the way she had them. but if honestly you want to see them, i do have them. But they are on my blog and i don’t like advertising. I did try applying though! :3

  4. where are this weeks gem codes and why dont you do many updates anymore its all gem codes and also if u could do some more flow cheas and stuff like that :D

    • March 2-8 Facebook:7AAD-918D-AAF9-9851 Toolbar:077F-613A-F38F-E7E5 no monthly yet sorry :( but I haven’t seen the toolbar in a while

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