Gem codes: Jan 26- Feb 1

Sorry they’re a bit late! Please enjoy




Thank you for all those who commented for the new codes!

Sorry x1,000 I usually don’t do gem code posts

46 thoughts on “Gem codes: Jan 26- Feb 1

  1. Gem Codes: February 2, 2015 – February 8, 2015

    Facebook Code – 5805-62F7-41BE-B8A8

    Toolbar Code – 0D66-007D-E2D4-E67A
    ~ kateyzcandyland c:

    • Go to settings, click user settings, then scroll down and you will see “got a coupon?”. Paste the code there and click submit

      To use the Facebook code you have to link your Facebook account with ourworld
      To use the Toolbar code, you have to have the ourworld toolbar installed

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