Rainbow Mystery Box Outfit Preview

Note: Next updates are shown here. Please check this every now and again to see when their release date is. If the release date isn’t shown on that page, then it’s unknown.

Act here, I will be the one to be posting outfit previews until Secret returns!

You saw the items right…? Then here what it looks like on an avatar! (Prices are 60 gems)

These are only some of the items, as we couldn’t get all

1Clothing 3clothing 4clothing fukaofuklm

22 thoughts on “Rainbow Mystery Box Outfit Preview

  1. Happy New Year to everyone in Secret’s blog! It’s never too late to say it.

    Anyway thanks for the preview.. It’s getting quiet here.. Where’s everybody go?

    Secret, I have a question for you. Do you know why ourWorld removes disc section in the condo shop? I don’t seem to see there’s update showing disc will not be available again.. Did I miss something? I thought of buying one for my condo.. but then poof! It’s not there.. Will you help me out?

  2. Happy new year from Poland! ;3 Aww i’m waiting for new gem code~ Ai, and thank you for this news, rainbow mystery box is pastel >< ~

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