Gem Codes 15th – 22nd December




Thanks for FACEBOOK: Sci Momo, Confusion, Zatsune Miku, II CharIie II, Khate Yumi, Sil3nt Sp33d

I’m sorry, I completely died of shock from the comments, for being gone for 3 days….

Thanks for MONTHLY: magicarie, Leia Skywalker, XxmyshowsxX, snowball, HER0IN, False Reality, blazingbolt. Teddy xD, Le Bryan, Random Color x3, Sophie Ourworld, KriziaOwLnsk, Emili, Sci Momo, TwilightShimmer, Le Flower, Living Warrior, katethefox, SoulZZ, Ekte, Rawr x3, krish3, Impossible Alex, Wedday, Sil3nt Sp33d, Mady Elena, Nandemonai, I AmSherLocked, Khate Yumi, Querencia. II CharIie II, Mary Bad2theBone, Sammey

Don’t even think to say “I SAID IT FIRST!” this is no order.

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