Winter 2014 Items (Part 2) (UPDATED 3)

Yup, more and more. But this is incomplete though. Some clothing don’t have 5 sets of different colors and some still missing. More will be added tomorrow!


Cutsie Deer
6FHairdec6FHair 6Fshirt6Belt 6FSkirt 6FShoes

14FShirt 14FSkirt 14FSocks

19FHairdec 19FJacket 19FPants 19FShoes

Sly Santa2Hat2FJacket 2FBoots

8FJacket 8FShirt 8FPants8FBoots

10FJacket 10FPants 10FShoes

AntiFreeze Hats


12FHat 12FNecklace 12FShirt 12FGloves 12FSkirt 12FBoots


8MJacket 8MShirt 8MPants 8MBoots

Sly Santa


2MJacket 2MBoots

19MHairdec 19MJacket 19MPants 19MShoes

14MShirt 14MPants

10MJacket 10MPants 10MShoes

Cutsie Deer

6MHairdec 6MHair 6MShirt6Belt 6MPants 6MShoes

AntiFreeze Hats


12FHat 12MJacket 12MGloves 12MPants 12MShoes

16 thoughts on “Winter 2014 Items (Part 2) (UPDATED 3)

  1. Has anyone noticed that some items are missing in the store? (December 8th update)??? I am confused were some items canceled or something? For example, I do not see the santa top in stores, anyone know what happened? o_o

    • Pants? We didn’t added pants in the Santa Sly.
      I believe they will be out next update or they cancelled it because it looked very similar to the old Santa Jackets.

  2. some of the things shown here are different then what came out an there cuter here >_< sigh ohh well still adorable so cnt complain too too much

  3. o-o this is gonna be hard… my bf’s b-day is on December 12 and I wanna gift him and I LOVE the winter items so I wanna buy them ;-;

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