Gem Codes: 17th – 24th November

Facebook and maybe Toolbar will be out soon~!




Thanks for MONTHLY: Shuu Sakamaki, SuperHerox3, Winter4678, HapOy Gogo

Thanks for FACEBOOK: Yes My Lord, Rawr x3

Thanks for TOOLBAR: shinigamirin, saifsaiofa, KimC1, x3 Azura

13 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 17th – 24th November

    • Umm… Since when? I checked your comment history and the last thing you wrote was “Facebook: DB1A-62CD-EC3B-D3B6”
      The code is 8527-8590-F80C-2B7C
      not DB1A-62CD-EC3B-D3B6.
      Invalid or last weeks code, does not count.

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