Two People With The Same Username

I searched “whisper” in friends, and TWO RESULTS CAME UP. I have no idea what is going on. This could either show the previous owner of that name and the old owner, or what? But seeing a level 1, that level 1 wouldn’t be able to have that name when they come back. Could this be a glitch or a new update that we haven’t known of? Who knows~!

Could it relate to this update that never came out until now?
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36 thoughts on “Two People With The Same Username

  1. Its not a glitch its case sensitive meaning that you can have the same name but if you have different letter case type like THIS and this are considered different even though they are the same

  2. What usually happens with this is that no matter which profile you click on, you will ALWAYS end up on the lower level one.

  3. Ok I noticed it too, it cause there are so low level people who don’t play anymore you can give your name to ourworld so that’s what I think I mean there is too of me so idk. Also I niticed when I searched up my friend Maha, her picture was a noob when she is level 84 or something I clicked on it and It brought me to HER profile so I clicked on the other one and it looked like a nood profile so I asked her what character she clicked at the starting wired enough it was the same as the other profile that I saw when I searched her name so I think nir’s the way you looked at the starting

    Is that just me?

    • That’s pretty simple. The “Tab” button on your keyboard. It should be above “Caps Lock” When you press that key, a yellow box should pop up. But I don’t think giving your heart to yourself is possible now, since I cannot get the yellow box to end up on “give heart”. The people with given themselves a heart, must of done it months and months ago. Because it isn’t possible now.

  4. you guys didn’t notice that one of them is Capital letters and the other is Small letters ??? there is a difference even they are the same but one of them is Capital

    • I am going to repeat what Secret said.
      Can you tell me how it is possible for 2 Seeks?
      and 2 Pexs?
      As I recall, ourWorld does not allow 2 people with the same name. Even if it has a capital or not. They are still not allow to have the same username.

      So, to make it possible. They either need to add ANOTHER word or letter. And as I see, no additional letters or numbers is there.

      I did some research on the forums, it’s a bug that might be fixed in the next update.

    • Nope they are not.
      Password is, not usernames.
      Even if it has a capital or lower case words, it’s still the same name and they still will not allow you to have that username.
      Those level 1s and under level 10s, are deleted accounts by admins. As I recall, I think it was 2 or 3 months. If you do not log on within 2 or 3 months, your name will disappear and will be ready for the next person to use. Though, if you are over level 10, your name will stay. If your level 10, your name will disappear. BUT, as I experienced on Vegas World, my account was inactive so someone took my username. But I was still able to log on, but they changed my username to “Mex2”. So, if those level 1s came back (Very much doubt it), their names will have a 2 at the end of them.

  5. hay! yesterday i was whisper chatting this guy “Gloomy” and then he went offline so i wanted to email a friend request to the “Gloomy” and then….. it came to a girl with the EXACT same name o.o O_o

      • Aw man. I don’t want my twin sister near me. Ew. She was born with no eyes and because of that, she shoved too much red lipstick on.
        Act, don’t even say change my name back. I wanted Lex actually.

    • *This is basically Act’s comment. Ugh. Forced me. Because she can’t comment because WordPress hates her. HAHAHAHA*
      Act: You basically stalk him, don’t you? After all the times that you said that you don’t.

      My comment to this:… Umm… Idk. Hai?

      • Seriously the same happened to me when i was searching for XxSnow AngelxX two names popped up One was female and the other was male o.o

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