Gem Codes: 13th – 19th October

Only Facebook at the moment! Don’t worry, Monthly will be coming really soon!

11E4-6CEA-481B-67F4 (Thanks: Rawr x3)


8B26-2F07-93FC-721D (Thanks: I Calum I AND Xx Maryooma xX)


If you know this weeks Toolbar, we will credit your name on this post!

27 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 13th – 19th October

  1. I think the monthly code will come out on 3rd of the week. “I THINK”. And I hope sooo. I really want the monthly code right now. But I think I have to wait in a million days. -_- kbye.

    • If your swearing your head off because there is no monthly, don’t blame it on us.
      ourWorld makes the codes, they send the code by Newsletter (Email)
      then we post it on here, we have nothing to do about ourWorld, nor linked to it. We are just a fan base that tells upcoming updates, post gem codes and etc.

      Swear your head off to ourWorld, not us. Thank you.

      We even stated it here, in number 3.

    • There’s a cheat to use Facebook code, but you will need to be log into just ONE Facebook to make it work, one Facebook account can work on hundreds of ourWorld accounts just to use one code, whereas ourWorld wants you to have hundreds of Facebook accounts to connect each account. Well anyways, try this link:

      If you don’t have one Facebook to connect, then forget what I said. This is the only cheat I know to use Facebook code when only using one Facebook account.

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