Halloween PART 2 Prices and Outfit Previews

Note: Next updates are shown here. Please check this every now and again to see when their release date is. If the release date isn’t shown on that page, then it’s unknown.

Prices PART 2PetsPrices2MeowSkullWitch 2MissMr Silly 2MissMrMiff 2PepperSalt BigDumbCat Grape Jelly Ketchup Mustard Merry Mafia

16 thoughts on “Halloween PART 2 Prices and Outfit Previews

  1. I dont have enough to buy these! i really want the pepper costume but i also want the death mage hair (long) what should i get??????????????

  2. OMG! ” Big Dumb Cat ” i would buy and and the ” pepper” and “salt” r sho cute! but sadly i dont have enough gems i always wait for monthly i get every month 10 gems :D so im waiting but when i get enough gems they will be gone :(

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