ourWorld: Halloween Pets + Franken-Bolts

Just when you thought that this Halloween is going to have less pets. You’re dead wrong! (Hahaha, get it dead? No… Okay…)

Pets3 Pets4 Pets5 Pets6

Just thought to add this in too. Even though it’s not a pet.. Hehehe. A head decoration. Named….



10 thoughts on “ourWorld: Halloween Pets + Franken-Bolts

  1. I just want to say to everyone who asks for gift’s … sure there are some nice people who would gift you randomly but not most people I became a rez like 4 day’s ago and like 1 hour later people were asking me to gift them like ovi I spent all the gems on my self and it annoys the hell out of me like I just don’t understand like we got are own gems why can’t you

    Your friend,
    I Winter I

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