Gem Codes: 29th Sept – 6th Oct

Thanks Kiki Lala for Facebook and Toobar. Oh, and Juliie for Toolbar(Was stalking your comments Secret…. Just in case… Eheheheheh….) AND FORGOT TO MENTION : XXaeromedaXX too, for Facebook in the chat box.

Toolbar: 91D1-8B65-9D55-EE62

 Facebook: 687C-255D-CD3B-2954

Monthly: N/A(Comes out 2nd week or 3rd Week)

24 thoughts on “Gem Codes: 29th Sept – 6th Oct

  1. Hello! Tyvm for sharing the codes with us.
    But, I have a problem. So I had the ourWorld toolbar installed, but I cleaned my computer and accidentally deleted the toolbar. I tried installing it, but it doesn’t work. It just loads and doesn’t open. Could anybody help me get it back? Or is the problem with the toolbar?

  2. ourworld toolbar isnt working i have it but when i put the gem code in it says you need toolbar I HAVE IT! i dont understand i tried everything i know is it time for a new ourworld toolbar? o_o

  3. add me LexiN2 please a gift on my wishlist also im gettin married so have to save up 100 gems which is for like 9 weeks away REMEMBER LexiN2

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