Contest Winners Items (COMPLETE)

Well, first place has only been made. And here’s the first place winner item! The rest will be up soon.

Both of these will be in Male and Females. Short and Long.

First place

Second Place

Third Place

Staff Pick

30 thoughts on “Contest Winners Items (COMPLETE)

  1. Wtf HOW MANY TIMES HAS OW HAD A GHOST AURA?! That is so sh*t because everyone picked items that are so common instead of new ones that have never been featured before.

  2. I am so mad. I didn’t even see that weird ghost in the contest. Wow. I’m mad because only the chained wings deserved to win out of all 3. I don’t even like the staff pick! Ourworlders are stupidddd

    • The 1st winner is been pick by majority of oW players. I prefer Broken Procelain Face to be 1st winner or Ghost Aura which everyone said awesome to win. It’s a sad thing majority players wants a “cool” stuff instead of TALENT artistic stuff.

      Easy to say the oW staff pick the hair as top 22 and majority vote that hair. I got nothing to say besides congrats to winners again, to others better luck next time.

      Imo, when next contest arrives, spread awareness to your friends if you want something with talent to win so that not just hair that keeps winning.

    • I check back previous contest and guess what? Some of the winner will always be hair and hair and hair.. e.g Winter God Hair, Fire Blazing hair, Summer hair etc.. I don’t know what am I suppose to feel right now.. If next contest will be make, I think I only gonna create hair as hair is always chosen to be winner.. *facepalm*

      • now that’s awesome! I like to see what staff pick. Past contest? Do you mean something like Ultimate Winter Set – The Winter God hair, Sandra the Winter Cloud…. If I’m not mistaken that’s from Collette’s contest. ._.

        Another question, does 1st, 2nd, 3rd and staff pick will be release to oW or only the 1st winner gets it? I’m kinda new to this contest stuff.. :P

      • Oh nvm, I just saw related post below this section.. So basically it’s like Ultimate Summer Contest 2013, the Fire Blazing Hair etc.. Please don’t tell me that Ultimate Halloween Contest 2014 will be as expensive as previous contest.. *crying in the corner*

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