Halloween Masks and Basket *EDITED* and Pets!

Well, since these masks are uni. Why not post it with the Basket, eh?

Also check out these updated post of the Halloween items!



basketprice tot

basket Masks

Pets1 Pets2

What do you think?

19 thoughts on “Halloween Masks and Basket *EDITED* and Pets!

      • well.. Javiour the halloween candy, lamont the little zombie, pumpkin on your head, pumpkin patchwork hat, underworld warrior ax, dark days horns, fashionable frankie hat, party monster hat, dapper ghoul umbrella, holmes the hound of darkness, Fright mystery box 2009 to 2014

  1. i really hate the mask and the basket but anyway they are fit in its career but it is so ….. o-o’
    anyway &_& i still buy it who knows? it may have big value?

  2. HATE this! the basket is so freaking ugly it makes me not want to buy it, and trust me I know all the cool stuff you get by trick or treating! the mask are equally disturbing as well, ugh!!

    • Trust me, I don’t like the basket either. If they are going to do what they did last year, we would be forced to buy that basket. I don’t know if you know or not, but last year you could only trick or treat with the 2013 basket, not any later than that (2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009) Wish they could make a better basket. Maybe a ghost basket. They didn’t made that yet.

      • girl yes, I saw the TOTing article from last year and it sucks that you couldnt use a basket from previous years (My old account had a 2012 basket I believe and it was so pretty) I dont know who thought of this, but ourworld come on. Also just wanted to say im a huge fan secret! I check the site everyday and tis really helpful,so thanks :)

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