Fright Box Outfits Preview

Even though this will be coming out tomorrow…. Thought why not show you the preview anyways? Also unfortunately the October outfit preview will not be out until next week or two, sadly.


Fiendish Thief Boots + Occult Overlord

Dark Messenger

Demon Summoner Spider Companion Spider Royals Upscale Undead Wicked One Wicked Webs

Animation of the “Eye See You”


If you can not see the image above, then click here~ (:

9 thoughts on “Fright Box Outfits Preview

  1. SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!! just got my first box, and got the gorgeous arachnid spider necklace, love it! im going to buy a million more boxes <3

    • ik its weird to reply to my own comment but i guess its an update, I just got the orange spider boots, i really want the little sprite now tho, since i just saw a girl with the complete outfit of the sprite +the sprite grrrr lol <3

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